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The entire concept at Winners’ League is designed to help students excel with holistic preparation, wherein they are exposed to modern methods of teaching and a competitive environment that aims to help them perform under pressure. This will not only help students to prepare for the various Entrance Examinations like JEE (Main and Advanced), NEET, BITSAT and other State Level Entrance Exams but also prepare them for School Boards and Competitive Examinations such as KVPY, NTSE and Olympiads. Further, the teaching methodology dopted by Winners’ League focuses on conceptual knowledge and application based questions makes students capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems inturn improving and sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking processes.

A well planned academic program synchronized with the teaching at school and syllabus of board examinations helps the students revising the fundamentals at least twice, thus ensuring better understanding. Regular class tests, unit tests and pattern (online/offline) test will be conducted both on subjective & objective pattern during the course to know the students strengths

weaknesses at school Board and competitive examinations. We ensure that our students get access to the best infrastructure, technology and teaching methodology. We have fully equipped interactive classrooms and fully furnished library facility. Our academic team includes top subject faculties and leading educationists. Our classroom teaching and online tools together makes learning of concepts interesting enabling students to crack aspiring entrance exams. We keep parents informed through regular Parent Teacher Meetings, SMS notifications on attendance, test performance and analysis.

7 Step Teaching Methodology

Each chapter in all three subjects will be covered in two Levels, which are: (I) Conceptual Level (NCERT Base) (ii) Competitive Level (Entrance Level)

Chapter wise competitive study material and study material provided to the students at the beginning of the course. Students solve questions of different difficulty levels in-class, followed by group discussion where students discuss their solutions and doubts with their peers and concerned faculty. In the weekly doubt class teacher conducts one-on-one sessions with the students where they can resolve their doubts

Students are required to read over concepts at home for better understanding. Students will be provided with Daily Practice Work Sheet and a subjective assignment of 10-20 questions depending on the requirement of particular topic/chapter, which they need to submit within the stipulated time given by the faculty.

Winners’ Core Assignment (A collection of level wise competitive & previous year questions) will be provided to students to practice on intricate levels of competition. This assignment will be discussed by the concerned faculty in revision/doubt session to induce
confidence in the students.

The finishing of the chapter followed by weekly Combined (Subjective & Objective) Class Test. There will be a Combined Unit Test from each subject at the completion of a particular unit. Question papers for these tests are prepared in accordance with the examination patterns prescribed by the respective Board or testing agency.

We also conduct online/offline Test and Discussion Series in a manner similar to that in which the various Examinations are conducted. Questions in these tests have strong focus on the current NEET and JEE Examination patterns issued by NTA or concerned testing agency, so that our students are familiar with the Examination patterns and styles. For students enrolled in Foundation courses, we conduct Mock Test Series for NTSE / Olympiad and Board Examinations. The result of the tests will be sent to the parents through SMS and E-mail.

We take regular feedback from students regarding their level of satisfaction with the faculty and management of the institute. We conduct regular Parent-Student-faculty interaction to discuss the academic performance of students and to highlight areas of concern. We also share monthly attendance and progress report of student at such meetings.